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to plucky housewives everywhere

who master their work instead of allowing it to master them

Housewives with Style
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This community is for posting long-lost common knowledge, vintage etiquette, old techniques used by housewives-past and any helpful hints relating to housework and cooking.

For men and women, married and unmarried alike.

Please don't advertise things not related to housewifery.

acute, adept, adventurous, aesthetic, affability, alert, amenities, amiability, antique appliances, apothecary, apt, astute, attention to detail, audacious, ballsy, bold, brainy, brisk, canny, cast iron, charity, charm, chin-up, chivalrous, civility, civilized, clever, confident, convention, cooking, cordiality, courageous, courtesy, crafty, crock pots, customs, daring, dashing, dauntless, decency, decorum, delightfulness, deportment, dignity, discriminating, doughty, drachms, effective, emily post, emily post etiquette, enjoyableness, etiquette, fastidious, fearless, firm, form, formalities, forward, fresh, frugal living, gallantry, game, geniality, gentility, good, good behavior, good ideas, gratefulness, gritty, guest rooms, gutsy, hardy, heirloom recipes, hep, home-ec, homemade, homemaking, housekeeping, housewives, housewives in dresses, housework, indomitable, ingenious, intrepid, keen, kindness, kitchen aids, kitchen cures, knowing, ladylike, linen closets, lionhearted, manners, manual blenders, mildness, militant, milkmen, neovictorianism, nervy, nimble, pert, pleasantness, plucky, plucky housewives, pointed, polished, polite, politeness, politesse, pressure cookers, proper behavior, propriety, quick-witted, ready, refined, refinement, resolute, resourceful, retro kitchens, rules, sassy, seemliness, sewing patterns, sharp, skookum tumtum, social graces, sophisticated, spiffy, spirited, spunky, stalwart, stout, strong, stylishness, suave, suavities, unblenching, undaunted, urbane, usage, valiant, venturesome, victorian, vintage cooking, well-bred, well-heeled, well-mannered, wise, wood stoves, working women