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How do you ladies do it??


I'm new, I just joined the community. My name is Kris, and i'm 24, and engaged. I've been with my fiance for 5 1/2 years, and i'm a fulltime student and a work at home housewife...but I do it terribly. I can't keep anything clean, our house is a mess, I can't cook much, unless it's like, hamburger/chicken helper, or something simple. I'm no Julia Child. The sad thing is, I want to be the best housewife I can be. My home business has slowed down to 0 customers, so i'm pretty much just a student/housewife. I want to make my future husband happy in the role that I am in.

This February I start classes to become a CVA (Certified Vet Assistant) online at the U.S. Career Institute. In Jan. 2011
I hope to earn my AAS in Vet Technology to be a RVT (Registered Veterinary Technician) before I go back to San Jacinto College-South in Houston (GO COYOTES!) to get certified in Web Development, Web Design & Implementation, and Executive/Administrative Assisting. Afterwards I will finish my associate degree in 8-12 Education with teaching certifications in English/Reading/Language Arts and Computer Science at San Jac-South. From there I’ll transfer back to Prairie View A&M to finish my BA in Education.

My goal is to utilize my certifications with a work at home position, and use my degree in Education to fall back on. I don't feel pressured to be in a housewife position, I actually want to cater to my future husband, but I also want to be productive in my own skin also.

We have no children at this point, though I was pregnant with a daughter at 23 weeks in 2005, and we lost her, and this past November we lost another pregnancy. I can't picture how some of you do it, kudos!

Any tips/suggestions?
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