nadanili (nadanili) wrote in housewives,

under-par house wife...

Hi! I'm a SAHM who loves being my baby's momma but misses the challenges and glories of working outside of the home. Plus, I suck at keeping house. I love my husband. I love my daughter. I love caring for them. I'm having a hard time finding my groove in this new role.

Can you suggest a community for "struggling housewives" like me?

Mahalo nui loa!
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oh freakin a, I just realized no one has posted here since Dec. Nevermind...
i too am a houseife , have been for almost two years now - i was once content with it -but then mommy began to loose the baby weight and got a tan lol- just kidding - really, i am 22 years old in new orleans - i am a really creative kinda person with a gorogus kid - lo- anyway - thats me - and im having a little trouble still with the looks people give when you proudly say you stay at home with your baby -
There is a lj community for flylady followers: flylady. If you don't know about Flylady, you might find that helpful: Flylady Website.

You can read about it there, but the key to it is the email reminders. Basically, there are several reminders per day, with the intention of getting you to establish good habits for housekeeping. I used to get the emails, but since I work full-time and have a horrible commute, they just piled up, so I unsubscribed. I still do some of the stuff she reminded about every once in a while, though.