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hi everyone! thanks for joining. here's a short introduction. please feel free to introduce yourselves and maybe post a photo of a recent dish or yourself in the kitchen!

my name is anna and i'm the creator of the community. my husband and i were married 4.5 years ago. we have no children but we do have 3 cats and a dog. we bought our first home 1.5 years ago. while i never thought i would get married, i'm enjoying it. my cooking skills are improving and i have a good feel for the chemistry of food. i like to use rich ingredients for the fullest flavor possible. i am also an avid tofu cook. tofu can be turned into anything. my husband is a lactard so i am learning to work without cream and milk in different dishes. both my husband and i have full time jobs so it's tricky finding time to cook. lately i have found the wonders of the crock-pot, a must-have for all modern kitchens.

that's a vegan tofu pumpkin pie i cooked tonight in the background
and there's also steak broiling in the oven.

on a side note, i recently ordered some vintage etiquette and homemaking books on ebay. once i receive them i'll post pictures and passages. thanks again for joining!
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