nancygirl (djnancygirl) wrote in housewives,

Household Cures

To Prevent Skin from Discoloring after a Bruise --- Apply immediately, or as soon as possible, a little dry starch or arrow-root, moistened with cold water, or rub over with common table butter.

To Stop Bleeding at the Nose --- Bathe the feet in very hot water, drinking at the same time a pint of cayenne pepper tea or hold both arms over the head.

Foreign Body in the Nostril --- Children often push foreign bodies up the nostril. To remove it, make the child draw a full breath, and then, closing the other nostril with the finger, and the mouth with the hand, expel the air from the lungs by a sharp blow to the back. If it can not be removed in this way, compress the nostril above it to prevent its going up from any further, and hook it out with the bent end of a wire or bodkin. If this fails, call a surgeon.

Hoarseness --- It is said hoarseness may be relieved by using the white of an egg, thoroughly beaten, mixed with lemon-juice and sugar. Take a teaspoonful occasionally.

Do you have any afflictions? Piles? Cold? Burns? Rusty nail wounds? Let me know and I'll provide the tried and true remedy!
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